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I snapped these photos with a basic $99 100% manual Single Lens Reflex camera. I think I got some decent shots.  I hope you enjoy them!  For full size image, please click on the thumbnails at left.

MV "Sarah" at port in Boston Harbor

July 1987—The Honduran registered Motor Vessel "SARAH" is docked at a shipyard on Meridian Street in East Boston, MA.  I could only fit a little more than half of the radio tower in this shot.

MV "Sarah" docked, with Andrew P. McArdle Bridge in view

I moved as far back as I could in the shipyard to take this shot, trying to keep the Sarah's stern in the shot and get as much of the radio tower as possible.  That's almost the entire tower - you can see both FM rings on top. 

To the right of the Sarah is the Andrew P. McArdle bridge, linking East Boston to the neighborhood of Chelsea.  At night, while I was trying to sleep in my cabin on board the Sarah, I would get woken up by the sound of this "Cantilever Bridge" lifting up to let a ship pass through.  The bridge was only 40 feet away from my porthole, and the mechanism to lift it made a great sound!!

Pete Sayek on Deck with RNI Shipboard Radio Tower

Pete Sayek, veteran DJ from WHOT 91 ½ in Brooklyn, with the RNI shipboard radio tower above his left shoulder.  I had to lay down on top of the main hatch to get this shot.  I'm still amazed at that broadcast tower in the middle of a SHIP!

That cable in the foreground, I believe, is the main transmission Heliax which ran up from below deck, through the hatch, and at an angle up to the two FM rings atop the tower..

MV Sarah is Towed Out of Port

A guy named Frank Gantner was hired to tow us out to sea.  He lashed the Sarah to his monster utility ship the Munzer.   This is a shot at the moment the two ships began to back out of the port on Meridian Street.

I took this shot from the deck of our tender boat - which was a 38 foot long wooden "Liberty Launch."

MV Sarah is Backing Out of Port

The Sarah is backed away from its dock by the huge floating tow "truck" the Munzer, with the ramp of the Andrew P. McArdle bridge behind her.

Another shot from the Sarah's tender boat.

MV Sarah About To Go Full Steam Ahead

At this point we've been towed out of Boston Harbor, and Frank Gantner has slowed the Munzer to a stop to make last-minute preparations before sailing full speed ahead.. 

So far Alan and I have been sailing alongside the Sarah but after taking this picture we had to tie the Liberty Launch to a tow line behind the Sarah, and get completely under way towards the Atlantic Ocean.  I had to hop from the small boat onto the Sarah while at sea!

MV Sarah Completely Under Way

Now we're making way!    We were booking it, baby!  It was an overcast morning, one of those days where the sky is opaque.

I took this shot from the roof of the bridge.

Pete Sayek Encourages The Crew Onward To Glory

Under way, at sea, on our voyage from Boston Harbor to Long Beach, Long Island Pete Sayek is keeping the morale of the crew high, from the bridge of the Sarah!

Hank Hayes Full Of "Confidence" at The Ship's Wheel

I guess I had to have some amount of confidence in order to be able to wear that shirt!

Pete Sayek On Deck At Sea

As the morning went on, the sun came out and the sky turned blue.  Here's a shot of Pete on deck, with the main hatch in the foreground. 

The cable on the right is the Heliax for the FM, and on the left is a large insulator with another transmission line attached - probably the AM line.

Hank At Sea In The Crow's Nest

Visible in this shot are many of the tower's guy wires, the Shortwave long wire antenna, and the Longwave long wire antenna.  The black cube is a maritime signal that the ship is under tow.

Munzer Maneuvers MV Sarah Into Position

Frank Gantner towing the MV Sarah into position while preparing to connect the anchor and chain.

Preparing to Lower The MV Sarah's Anchor

Here's the massive anchor of the MV Sarah, sitting on the deck of the Munzer.  Once the huge chain is dropped into the ocean, the anchor will be coaxed over the edge.

MV Sarah Anchor & Chain are Dropped

An action shot of the thick anchor chain rolling over the Sarah's anchor and falling into the sea.  I have an audio tape of this and what a sound it made.  It lasted a minute or so.

Once the chain completely fell in, the anchor, which was strategically places at the edge of the deck, was pulled down into the sea by the weight of the chain.

The MV Sarah Is Christened At Sea

Once anchored, and after we waved "so long" to Frank Gantner and the crew of The Munzer Al Weiner took a bottle of bubbly and Christened the MV Sarah - Radio New York International:  RNI!

Radio New York International RNI In Position At Last

Here is the MV Sarah, anchored 3½ miles off the coast of Long Beach, Long Island, New York.  Ready to broadcast to the world on 4 frequencies!

I took this photo from the Liberty Launch which I was piloting back to Brooklyn.